Welcome to McAPI.eu, we are a Minecraft API, that can be used to get the UUID from a playername. Our service uses caching and fallback's to make sure that we don't reach the rate limit. Our service is a bit limited at this moment, but it will grow in time.

Type Response URL Information Extra
GET JSON /uuid/playername Get the UUID from a playername more info

Is this API stable?

We aim at 100% uptime, our webserver has about 10 different IP's to make sure that everything is running the way it should. If we detect any downtime (at all), we will put another copy of this site online in another datacenter.

Are there rate limits?

We use caching and a failover API, so our service should always give a UUID, even if we hit the rate limit. So you should have no problems with rate limits.

Problems, can I contact you?

If you have a problem (or question), please contact me by mail at tim[at]timkwakman.eu or by sending a PM on Twitter (@Tim_kwakman).

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